Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyreneans belong to Group 2nd of F.C.I. under n.127. If you are interested in reading the official FCI standard, you can check it out HERE.


This is the breed with really excellent friendly nature. Aggressiveness towards people or other dogs should not be accepted in any case. If the right socialization is provided the level of tolerance with other pets is really very high. They have no problem going along with children, other dogs, even with cats and like real shepherds they show protective and herding behaviour towards our sheep. They are affectionate and good-hearted, adoring human company and they will be forever devoted to their family


Pyrenean mountain dog is majestic shepherd who keeps the elegance in every occasion. Its beautiful look, which attracted more than one of its fans, is characterised by long mostly white thick coat. The markings on the head, body or tip of tail are not rare either. All shadows of brown are allowed, sometimes also grey and arroye colour appears. The typical head cannot miss the dreamy pyrenean expression, which differs the pyrenean mountain dog from any other big white dog. 

The height moves from 70-80 cm in males and from 65 to 75 cm in females.


Today, as well as in the past, the pyrenean mountain dog is able to work as a herd protector and because of this he can be a great guarding dog for his family. He is unique family dog and pet, who is very tolerant and friendly towards all members of family. They will follow their owner on a mountain trip with no problem. Because of their open-minded character they are perfectly suitable for canisteraphy - working with kids, depressed people or elderly. A movie named Belle and Sébastien is also responsible for the great growth of the breed's popularity nowadays.


Pyrenean mountain dog is not a breed suitable for everyone and before deciding to own one (or even more) you should take the following points into consideration.

Because of the really fluffy coat of Pyrs, you should count with higher demand of coat maintenance. Regular brushing is necessary mainly during the coat-chainging time of the year, that happens once or twice a year.

Training and nurture are not that easy considering their stubbornness together with independent tendencies, which require really enduring and patient owner. We should not forget that sometimes representatives of this breed do what they like and not what we want them to do. That's why we always have to thing about their safety - particularly ensure high-quality fencing and avoid free moving in unfenced territory, if we are not completely sure about dog's obedience. Of course there exists Pyrs who behave in perfect manner, obediently follow their owner nearby his feet and approach when called, but this behaviour is not significant for the breed.

Keeping of Pyrenean mountain dog is demanding as well. Although he is a perfect family dog, his size determinates him to be not so practical one. Thanks to thick hair with undercoat he can handle even colder climate and requires year long access outside. It is not a dog suitable for guarding of uninhabitated objects and every day touch with family is necessary. However, his guarding skills are really great, he can provide a perfect protection to his family and any event happening in the territory will not miss his attention. When his family kindly greets someone new, the Pyr will change his guarding attitude and warmly welcome the visitor. As all bigger dogs Pyreneans require high quality food and joint supplements. It is necessary to consider this as well when thinking about getting a Pyr.