Fieramie du Neouvielle

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Born: 27/11/2010

Father: Beau Gosse du Mas de la Valliere

Mother: Douce Amie du Pic de Viscos

Weight: 49 kg

Height: 74 cm

Teeth: complete scissor bite

Health examinations: HD A/B; ED 0/0; CMR 1 - N/N

Breeding confirmation: 04/05/2013 - Slovakia Moloss Club

This is her, our dream princess coming exactly from the home of all Great Pyrenees. She was born in the Neouvielle kennel located directly in the Pyrenees mountains. Fieramie is the most affectionate creature and with her pleading expression she can earn all our attention. And our guys know very well, where is their place, when Fira is on the stage. She is accomplishment of everything we ever dreamed of to have in our home. And actually she is the one, who rules the world here :)


Fira's show career was not that intensive comparing to boys. Even though she did very well and managed to become:

  • EXCELLENT 1, CAC 2012 (under J.V. Pocas)

NATIONAL DOG SHOW 2012 - Excellent 1, CAC, BOB: ''Excellently proportionally build bitch, nice head with good expression, correct topline, correctly shaped chest, good angulation, very nice movement'' from Gabriela Ridarčíková, Slovakia.

CLUB DOG SHOW 2012 - Excellent 1, CAC, BOB: ''23 months old bitch, outstanding type, bitch of very high quality with excellent head, correct pyrenean expression, head free of angles, tighter skull yet, good ear, excellent construction, typical topline, excellent angulation, shorter heel, missing bounce in the back, movement narrower in the rear'' from J.V. Pocas, Portugal.


Our princess is a wonderful mother of:
  • Du Quartz Blanc litter 'A' - with father Ch. Fripon della Rocca dei Patous - 8 babies (3 females & 5 males) - More about this litter can be found HERE


AIDA DU QUARTZ BLANC - Juniorchampion of Slovakia, Champion of Hungary

ALAIN DU QUARTZ BLANC - Puppy champion of Slovakia

ALOE DU QUARTZ BLANC - Juniorchampion of Slovakia; HD A/A, ED 0/0

ACAI DU QUARTZ BLANC - Juniorchampion of Slovakia; HD A/A, ED 0/0

AWAI DU QUARTZ BLANC - Juniorchampion of Slovakia; HD A/A, ED 0/0

More information and photos of Fira's ancestors can be found HERE