The basis of our breeding philosophy are individuals defined with good health, standard outlook and balanced nature. These three categories are equal parts of each of our breeding plans, which are thought over carefully and planned even few years ahead.

It's obvious, none of the dogs are perfect, but we believe that the stud dog status should be rather privilege than matter of course and every single litter of puppies should be a rational step of a breeder. More information about our breeding plans and results can be found in PUPPIES section.


Nature is a very strong weapon, so regardless of all the efforts made and prevention, sometimes not all things happen to be exactly as we-breeders imagined. We suppose that complete transparency and awareness in this matter are alpha and omega for the future of breeding. Because of this reason, we decided to publish all information about our dogs and their offspring, including the complete health results at our website.

The kennel du Quartz Blanc has been founded in the end of the year 2013 with the aim to meet the best of the beauty & health & character of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs. 

We are aware that owning a dog is a big responsibility, but it also gives us a lot of pleasure and love. We are convinced, that the right socialization and loving care are the essential aspects of raising a good dog companion. Therefore we do engage our dogs in nearly all everyday activities. The stories, pictures, videos and much more can be found on our BLOG updated almost daily.

The work with dog is performed by all our family and is solely our hobby and passion. Therefore all our dogs are our beloved family members in the first place, to whom we would like to provide the best possible care.

Regardless of their beautiful appearance and loving nature, this breed is not suitable for everyone. We recommend to all potential owners to acquaint themselves with the breed standard, its characteristics and then personal meeting, if it is possible. 

My own brief description of breed you can find in the section HERE.